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  • About Us

    I’m the Gun Bunny. I was first introduced to firearms when I was fourteen and asked to go on a government doe hunt with my middle school Out Door trails class. I was the only girl on that trip that shot anything. In fact three doe were shot that weekend and two of them were mine.
    I have been working at a shooting range since 2006. At the range I was introduced to a lady everyone calls Mama Jeanie. She runs the range that I have spent so much time at. Mama Jeanie has taught me so much from shotgun to handgun. I am a female shooter/Instructor who is geared toward teaching women how to shoot it all. Working with in this industry, I have learned that boys shouldn’t have all the fun.
    I really enjoy shooting pistols, but give me a rifle and I’ll have just as much fun. One of my favorite pistols is the Sig 226 9mm, but what’s not to love about that gun?


    I’m The Lonestar Rebel. First came around guns when i was about 5 years old with my father, mother, aunts, and uncles. Ever since i could remember I’ve had the love for firearms, and I am lucky enough to be consumed in a profession where I am around them every day. I grew up in Texas with the bunny, and she knows I got her back every step of the way.

    I specialize in semi-auto rifles, handguns, and long distance shooting. Definitely have to love my Colt 1991 and my AR, always a true American combo. So leave a message if you have any questions having to do with it, or even some insight to spread the knowledge around. For sure it’s all much appreciated.

    - The Lonestar Rebel